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Film Themes

Biblical truth

How can your relationship with Christ and obedience to the Gospels lead your life?

Christian Unity

The world already sees us as one body of Christ. How can we live authentic unity in our neighborhoods?


What does a "preacher to the papal household" do? Does the Pope listen to him?

Father Raniero

Who is he? How has God used him? How has his life inspired us?

Share the Experience of a Personal Pentecost.

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"He radiates this unshakable joy that comes from an authentic relationship with God. That joy has a ripple effect on everyone around him."
"I know people are very curious to know what is this strange ministry of being a papal preacher? Well, I speak quite willingly of this because it tells more about the Pope than about the preacher."
Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap.
"He talked about it as like a big block of ice, and the holy person was that person inside the of the ice. And growing in holiness was chipping away all the extra around the ice block to get to that beautiful person that was inside."

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