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The story of Raniero Cardinal Cantalamessa is a true example of how Jesus chooses ordinary people for extraordinary missions. This film demonstrates how God led one man all the way to the position of official preacher to the Pope. We are all called to greatness and to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth!

Cardinal Cantalamessa’s life demonstrates for us openness to God’s promptings, as well as the fruit of being baptized in the Spirit. By living a life in the Spirit, he experienced an awakening of the senses, an opening of his mind to Scripture, a heart for unity, a love for people, and most of all, a desire for intimacy with God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is a life we are all invited to live.

The Preacher to the Popes is truly a story of an incredible man, but it is not just that. It is also an invitation for us to consider how we can open ourselves more to the life God desires for us. For this reason, we have created a discussion guide as a companion to the film. This guide will provide discussion questions to assist groups in reflecting and responding to key aspects of Cardinal Cantalamessa’s life: 1) Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit, 2) Spiritual Maturity, and 3) Desire for Christian Unity. It is our hope that through this film and the accompanying guide, more people will have an opportunity and invitation to experience the fullness of life that Jesus promised.

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